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Our Culture . . .

The Kodenta culture particularly values the following three behaviours and qualities in our colleagues:

1 Honesty

The ability to be candid and express ideas without bias, directly, and in the best interest of all those involved. Most importantly, it is the courage to admit your mistakes, and not cover your ass, so we can work together to solve the problem.

2 Innovation

The willingness to try new things, learn new concepts, and find new solutions to prevailing assumptions, while exploring better ways to improve all facets of what we do. It is the drive to learn, grow, and participate in all aspects of the business and continually question the status quo.

3 Passion

The quality of loving what you do and taking pride in your work, knowing that you will get out of it what you put in and more. A tenacious approach to striving for excellence that inspires those around you to care intensely about Kodenta’s success.

Meet the Team

Some things you can expect if you join our talented team.

Rob Maynard Rob Maynard

Managing Director

Rob started Datasouth, the parent company in 1998. He started outsourcing to the Philippines in 2009 and set up Kodenta in 2011. He moved permanently to Cebu in 2014. He has a passion for developing web applications with a particular emphasis on complex booking systems, e-commerce, and transactional sites. He loves working with the concrete5 content management system and is very active within the concrete5 community.

Cris Yap Cris Yap

General Manager

Cris is glad that everyone joined him at Kodenta! Cris started with the company in 2009 and was a founding member of the Cebu office.

Mark Aseo Mark Aseo

Web Application Developer

A true command-line developer, Mark is literally allergic to working on pretty much anything that involves graphic design, but when it comes to code, the more challenging it is, the more excited he gets. Just don't forget the coffee, baby, and always remember it is rude to point!

He likes . . . working out and the Miami Heat As a kid, he wanted to be . . . a policeman Random fact . . . he is a motorcycle speed freak

John Michael Bajarias John Michael Bajarias

Web Application Developer

JM is a small guy with a big heart. He is nice and gentle, and it shows in his love for dogs. His smile is a pocketful of sunshine, and he’s among the happiest people in the team.

He likes... playing soccer, riding his motorcycle, dogs, and oversleeping As a kid, he wanted to be… a bus driver Random fact... his motorcycle is his mistress

Jerome Vercide Jerome Vercide

Jerome (J1)
Front-End Developer

Jerome believes that great things start from small beginnings and that you have to reach for your dreams. He thinks you should face every day as a new challenge— a chance to be better and a chance to become your dreams. A man with Olympic energy, he is proud to be a Kodentite.

He likes . . . Dota 2, billiards, and beer As a kid, he wanted to be . . . a samurai Random fact . . . he secretly wants to become Cris Yap when he grows up!

Carl Lomer Abia Carl Lomer Abia

Junior Front-End Developer

Carl is an open-minded guy, who is willing to listen to criticisms. For him, “This world, mediocrity thrives where there are no critics.” He's a perfectionist and thrives to change things for the better. He believes that we could actually do what we could think of. He’s always excited to face every challenge because for him, limitation only exists in the mind. “Don’t limit your challenge; instead, challenge your limit,” he quips.

He likes . . . playing basketball and sleeping As a kid, he wanted to be . . . a model with a healthy and fit body. Random fact . . . he wants to be like Mark Zuckerberg

Mary Christine Bantigue Mary Christine Bantigue

Junior Front-End Developer

Part artist and part critical thinker. Creative but loves to solve problems. She believes she is simple yet complex.

She Likes..Watching anime, painting and playing the ukuleleAs a kid, she wanted to be…a witch and study in Hogwarts.Random fact…She was a member of a hiphop dance varsity team in college.

Jessamine Toribio Jessamine Toribio

Web Designer

Jess is a superb designer, and like all true Kodentites, she embarked into the bold new world of web development. She has a keen eye for detail and user experience. Jess is a visual person and hates ordering in restaurants where the menu doesn't have pictures.

She likes . . . anything spicy, perfumes, and fireworks As a kid, she wanted to be . . . a stewardess Random fact . . . she has an obsession with putting on lipstick

Kim Leslie Lucañas Kim Leslie Lucañas

Web Designer

She’s not your typical artist, as she is focused in doing her work and assures to deliver her output to be of great quality. She boosts her confidence from peers’ positive feedback. Her attitude towards work is not different when she’s going to talk with friends: she gives time to listen and submits honest feedback to whomever she talks to.

She likes . . . playing World of Warcraft and sleeping As a kid, she wanted to be . . . a manga comic artist Random fact . . . she loves to capture images (and even selfies!)


Random Facts about kodenta


Jess puts on lipstick every 15 minutes, that's 32 times a day!


Cris once ate a kilo of beef in one sitting, at Davids restaurant


If you upset Madame Hope, her high beam stare will put you in your place !


To show off his muscles, Mark buys his t-shirts from the kids section!


Kodenta is named after the Polish city of Koden, the home town of Rob’s wife Magda


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